2016 Interview with #RichOffLifeTV on DTFRadio

2016 Interview with #RichOffLifeTV on DTFRadio

Check out @deviousdanid new joint "The One"...loving this joint!! So smooth just her vocals and guitar displaying her TALENT!! I talked about her in my R&B Bangers starting at the 26:57 point!!! VIDEO LINK IN THE BIO!! But also "The One" is on iTunes...support Danielle Martin...this girl SANGS!!



Hello, World!

New York City-based “alternative Soul” singer/songwriter Danielle Martin releases her first single called “The One.” Produced by Sonatic Music Group, the song has a smooth-sweet, bouncy, summer time feel against a clean acoustic track. Mixed with her soulful voice and brooding lyrics, the song captures a perfect painting of feelings of inadequacy and heartbreak that come with being in a unstable relationship.

— http://singersroom.com/content/2017-04-28/danielle-martin-the-one/


                  "What The Streets Are Saying"

Self proclaimed “Alternative Soul” and NYC based singer, Danielle Martin, release her newest hit single “The One”. The soulful singer has been compared to artist Amy Winehouse to Lauryn Hill.
— https://bamanbklyn.tumblr.com/post/160039852580/artist-danielle-martin-single-release-the-one
New York based singer/songwriter Danielle Martin is a storyteller who puts vivid and painfully honest scenarios to music. This up and comer chooses to tell the story of how insecurity and love conspire to allow a woman to be the fallback chic in the acoustic track “The One.” The song tells a story that is a reality for many people.
— https://www.soultracks.com/first-listen-st-danielle-martin-the-one
New York-based alternative soul singer/songwriter Danielle Martin presents the video for her heartfelt single “The One” produced by Sonatic Music Group.

As vulnerable and transparent as it is sweet and soulful, the song captures the feelings of inadequacy and heartbreak that come with being in an unstable relationship.
— https://thedopeshowonline.com/2017/05/01/new-video-danielle-martin-the-one/
Omggg Danielle so.
Thank you for contributing your AMAZING vocals to my new record!!!! You brought such an amazing life to the the songs we did together and EVERYONE would be remiss if they missed out on listening to our jams!

Thank you for being a great friend. I hope I can support you as much as you have supported me and this project. You rock!
— https://soundcloud.com/xavamusic
Just feelin’ compelled to tell you that you are one of the most talented singers I’ve ever met. And to top it off, you have a down to earth personality who knows how to have fun. I’m sure you all of know this. I was just thinking out loud and reminding you...while listening to you of course ;’)”

-Mary J. Sansait

”Reaching out to tell you your song ‘The Wanting’ is so beautifully written! I relate to so many things you speak about in this interview! & you definitely have something special. & have inspired me! Best of luck to you!

-Demie Butler

”You totally inspire me! I love your music, voice, your genuine and kind spirit and everything you contribute to this music! Never ever change unless it’s for the better!!! Peace and Blessings! See you around town! You def earned my support!


”Danielle Martin: A singer/songwriter, who hails from New Jersey, captivates audiences with an infectious, haunting, and soulful voice that touches your spirit and fuses words with relatable emotions that anyone can appreciate”

-Marcus John

“Congratulations sis I’m so proud of you”

-DJ Irs

“Ive Gotta introduce you to my friend Danielle Martin !!!!! Ive been jamming to her song!! CHECK IT OUT! SH*T IS DOPE”

-Sharmelle Hunte


-Patricia “Uzuri” Miles

“Somewhere Down the Road was sooooooo good, I slapped my mama. Jill Scott who? Jennifer Hudson who?”

-Christopher A. McLean